Escuela equitación

Mallorca Horses offers a holistic equitation training and education, both theoretical as practical.

You can pass three levels of training. The horse rider receives a certificate with every level she or he completes that permits to go on to the next.

If the rider wants to directly enter a higher level, she or he can pass a theoretical and practical exam, to proof her or his level of training.

We at Mallorca Horses appreciate the same rules of discipline and respect as the probably most estimated schools of equitation, like the Royal Riding School of Andalusian Equitation in Jerez de la Frontera and the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

Theoretical subject matter

  • History of equitation
  • Maintainance and handling of a horse
  • Saddle knowledge
  • History of the great masters of equitation
  • Hippology
  • Theory of dressage

Practical subject matter

  • Maintainance and handling of a horse
  • Saddle knowledge
  • Practical riding training appropriate to the individual level of training
  • Level 1 – Equitation Basic

    • Making contact to the horse and being able to maintain it and to be with the horse
    • Create the right position towards the horse
    • Capability to saddle and bridle the horse
    • Being able to lead and control the horse in several situations

  • Level 2 – Equitation Advanced

    • Identify the physical and psychological skills of a horse in preparation of working with it
    • Preparing the horse for the training
    • Obtaining a solid awareness and sufficient knowledge in order to be able to train a horse in the correct manner

  • Level 3 – Equitation Professional

    • Secure handling of the horse and capability of training dressage, from preparing a raw horse until competition and show level
    • Being able to prepare a horse for higher competition levels
    •Professional training