We offer 8 different riding excursions in the beautiful and rural surroundings of Mallorca

Come to us and enjoy an unforgettable day with an authentic Andalusian horse!

Included in all activities:

Free Transfer-Free Transfer. Round trip (Minimum 2 persons)
-Equestrian Equipment -Preparation, grooming and get in contact with the horses
-Theoretical and practical class on handling and control
-Chosen excursion -Relaxation and grooming of the horse
-Refreshments and free photo pad
-Experienced monitor with languages

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  • Excursión Randa
Randa’s Valley

Randa’s Valley

3 hours activity (In the morning and in the afternoon )

Our activities will provide inner calm, peace surrounded by the serenity that Mallorca paradise offers. Enter with the nobility, kindness and security of your Andalusian horse in the Mallorca countryside, around the historical village of Randa, explore its valleys, mountains, meadows and unique forests.


Price: 90€ per person

Antique Mallorca

Antique Mallorca

4 hours activity (In the morning)

Add to your experience a cultural touch and, in addition to venturing into the valley of Randa and its nature, you can get to know the most Mallorcan way of life. Together with your Andalusian horse, you will discover animals, farms, vineyards, possessions and the village of Randa, on a route connected by wild nature, meadows, almond trees, olive trees and crops.


Price: 120€ per person

Mallorca’s Sunset

Mallorca’s Sunset

3,5 hours activity (In the evening / night )

Ride in the afternoon through the beautiful nature of the Randa valley, through its mountains and forests, go deep into the Mallorcan countryside, get off your Andalusian horse and enjoy one of the most colourful and splendid sunsets. Enjoy a privileged view of the sunset on the island and accompany it with a drink of your taste, wine, cava, soft drink, etc.

Price: 125€ per person

Wine and Andalusian Horses

Wine and Andalusian Horses

4 hours activity (Monday / Wednesday / Friday)

Reservation required 3 days in advance

Enjoy a ride through the wild Mallorcan countryside to “Can Majoral” and be impressed by the vast green fields of vineyards. You can let your horse rest in a meadow and enjoy a splendid tasting of authentic Mallorcan wine accompanied by a tasting of the most typical cuisine from the island, throughout an oenologist who will show you the winery.

Price: 150€ per person

A dream on horseback

A dream on horseback


You can enjoy your authentic Andalusian dressage horse and accomplish with it your greatest dream or desire. We offer you the possibility to make the excursion of your choice and accompany it with a picnic, a romantic dinner, a drink, a show or any idea or desire you can think of.

On request

The sighs of East Side. Op.1

The sighs of East Side. Option 1

3 hours activity (Everyday in the morning. Minimum 2 persons)

Take a chance to get to know the east side of Mallorca. We will carry our Andalusian horses to the routes of the east side, where you will discover some of the most paradisiacal locations of Mallorca. During your journey, you will be able to enjoy the breeze of the Mediterranean sea through the wild coastal nature of Mallorca. You will get to discover the natural beaches from its origins.

This activity will be carried out privately.

Price: 160.00€ per person

The sighs of East Side. Op.2

The sighs of East Side. Option 2

5 hours activity (In the morning. Minimum 2 persons)

Enjoy more time on the back of your Andalusian horse to discover the east side of Mallorca. Enjoy more time to discover the coast and to have the opportunity to choose a nice place where you can have a picnic or otherwise, head to a restaurant where your horse will rest while you can delight a delicious meal.

 This activity will be done privately. Meals not included.

Price: 200.00€ per person

Carriage ride. Op. 1

Carriage ride. Option 1

2,5 hours (Minimum 2 persons)

You will get a beautiful and peaceful carriage ride through the area of Castellitx. You will receive an experience in the most classic Mallorcan style, traveling with your horses along a peaceful and flat road that runs through the torrent and it’s surrounded by mountains, meadows and forests. Besides, you will cross an area with ancient Mallorcan buildings such as houses, possessions and a church, where in former times an Arab farmhouse was located.

Price: 200.00€ per person

Carriage ride. Op. 2

Carriage ride. Option 2

5 hours (Minimum 2 persons)

Add to your pleasurable carriage ride a Mallorcan gastronomic experience. At the end of your journey through Castellitx you will have the pleasure to visiting, together with your horses, the surroundings of the historical village of Algaida, until you reach it. The carriage will take you to a fabulous restaurant, where you will enjoy a typical Mallorcan meal.

Meals not included.

Price: 250.00€ per person

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