We offer 8 different riding excursions in the beautiful and rural surroundings of Mallorca

Come to us and enjoy an unforgettable day with an authentic Andalusian horse!

Included services:

Free Transfer-Free Transfer. Round trip (Minimum 2 persons)
-Equestrian Equipment
-Preparation, grooming and get in contact with the horses
-Theoretical and practical lesson of handling and control
-Chosen excursion
-Relaxation and grooming of the horse
-Refreshments and free photo pad
-Multilingual, experienced riding instructor

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  • Excursión Randa
Randa’s Valley

Randa’s Valley

3 hours activity (In the morning and in the afternoon )

Experience Mallorca in the most beautiful way: on horseback! Join us and enjoy the good nature and safety of an Andalusian horse. In the surroundings of the historic village of Randa, discover the Mallorcan landscape, with its valleys, mountains, meadows and unique forests. For a safe and unforgettable experience, you will receive the horse adapted to your level.

Price: 99€ per person

Antique Mallorca

Antique Mallorca

4 hours activity (In the morning)

Add to your experience a cultural touch and, in addition to venturing into the valley of Randa and its nature, you can get to know the most Mallorcan way of life. Together with your Andalusian horse, you will discover animals, farms, vineyards, possessions and the village of Randa, on a route connected by wild nature, meadows, almond trees, olive trees and crops.


Price: 130€ per person

  • Pareja contempla el atardecer
  • Atardecer en Mallorca
  • Excursión atarceder mallorquín a caballo
Mallorca’s Sunset

Mallorca’s Sunset

3,5 hours activity (In the afternoon/evening)

Ride in the afternoon through the beautiful nature of the Randa Valley, through its mountains and forests, and enjoy the tranquillity that surrounds you. At a place with a fantastic view, you will get off your Andalusian horse and enjoy one of the most colourful sunsets. Accompanied by a drink of your choice: wine, cava, soft drinks, etc.

Price: 135€ per person

  • Show ecuestre Mallorca Horses
  • Espectáculo Ecuestre Mallorca
  • Show ecuestre en Mallorca
Mallorca’s Sunset and equestrian show

Mallorca’s Sunset and equestrian show

3,5 hours activity (afternoon/evening. Minimum 2 persons )

A magical evening at sunset in the Randa Valley. Enjoy the grace and safety of your Andalusian horse on a beautiful ride through the plains, along the Puig de Randa. On the way to the village of Randa you will enjoy the view of the Tramuntana mountains. You will ride your horse through the historic village to our riding centre, where you can enjoy a presentation of the Alta Escuela Española (High Spanish Riding School) with one of our Andalusian horses, as well as a falconry presentation. This is accompanied by a glass of wine, cava or soft drink of your choice and a tasting of typical Mallorcan products.

Price: 200€ per person

  • Paseo a caballo con pinic
  • Picnic y paseo a caballo en Mallorca
  • Paseo a caballo y pinic en Randa
Picnic and Andalusian horses

Picnic and Andalusian horses

4 hours activity (Minimum 2 persons)

An unforgettable experience. Enjoy a beautiful ride through the forests and fields of the Randa Valley on the back of a noble Andalusian horse. In a lovely setting, with vineyards, olive and almond trees and views of the Tramuntana mountains, you will enjoy a picnic with Mallorcan dishes and a bottle of cava or soft drink of your choice. (picnic included)

Price: 165€ per person

  • Paseo a caballo entre viñedos en Mallorca
Wine and Andalusian horses

Wine and Andalusian horses

4 hours activity (Monday / Wednesday / Friday. Minimum 2 persons)

Reservation required 3 days in advance

Enjoy a ride through the wild Mallorcan countryside to “Can Majoral” and be impressed by the vast green fields of vineyards. You can let your horse rest in a meadow and enjoy a splendid tasting of authentic Mallorcan wine accompanied by a tasting of the most typical cuisine from the island, throughout an oenologist will show you the winery.

Price: 180€ per person

The sights of East Side

The sights of East Side

3-hour activity (Minimum 2 persons)

Take a chance to get to know the east side of Mallorca. We will carry our Andalusian horses to the routes of the east side, where you will discover some of the most paradisiacal locations of Mallorca. During your journey, you will be able to enjoy the breeze of the Mediterranean sea through the wild coastal nature of Mallorca. With option 2 you can enjoy more time to discover the coast or take a break in a restaurant where your horse can rest and you can enjoy the delicious Mallorcan cuisine. (Meals not included)

Price: 200.00€ per person

  • Aventuras a caballo en Mallorca
  • Aventuras a caballo en Randa
  • Clase de equitación en Mallorca
Horse Adventure

Horse Adventure

Are you coming to Mallorca on vacation? Are you a Horse lover? Would you like to enjoy a few days of activities and experiences with us? Tell us about your wished experience next to our Spanish horses and we will provide an unforgettable experience. You can request excursions, “Alta Escuela” lessons, picnics, shows, or any dream that can cross your mind.
Ask for a quote.

Price: 10% discount per person

  • Caballo Andaluz
  • Caballo Andaluz
  • Caballos en Randa, Mallorca
The Andalusian horse

The Andalusian horse

9 hours activity (Minimum 2 persons)

Experience a day around the culture of the Andalusian horse! Enjoy a unique experience and discover the power and elegance of these beautiful animals.

1º -Riding excursion “Antique Mallorca” or “Picnic and Andalusian horses”
2º – Lunch at the Cura Monastery, with views of the Tramuntana Mountains and the Bay of Palma
3º – Visit to a stud farm and breeding of Andalusian horses .
4º – Riding lesson: High Spanish School or classical dressage

  (1 dish, 2 soft drinks and coffee included).

Price: 450.00€ per person

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